IBG: Purdue Is A Big Game… No Really.


If you haven’t jumped on the Irish Blogger Gathering(IBG) bandwagon yet, you must not bleed blue and gold. It’s the brightest minds in ND football(and the IRT) coming together on a weekly basis to break down the Notre Dame football team. One blog asks the questions. Multiple other bloggers answer said questions. We even have a snazzy logo:

What would most people pay for this? $800/year? Notre Dame season tickets? Maybe give one of their kidneys? Well you can put your checkbook and/or scalpel away. This is free. It’s the best deal since Grab-n-Go at the North Dining Hall.

You can tell how big and important an Irish blog is based on how big their IBG game is. So who did we get? What!?… No, really. What week do we get? You gotta be kidding me. Purdue? We got Purdue. Notre Dame is heading to the circus and we have to cover it. Well, leeeehhhhs go!

1) Excluding Aaron Lynch, who is your top newcomer of the year thus far (freshman or player that hadn’t seen much playing time in prior seasons)?

2) We asked our Twitter followers for questions to use in this week’s IBG. Here’s a sampling of what we got. Choose ONE and answer:
@TheSubwayDomer: If the #NDFB quarterbacks were female super models, who would they be? What would they endorse? #IBG
@PerrasW01: Why has the #NDFB program gone to hell since Holtz left?
@rpleary: You know that sign that says “Play Like a Champion Today”? What does our offense have against the sign?
@chadros: Based on our offense’s performance to date, is the current play calling mix(run vs. pass) the right one? Should we be running the ball more?
@yetiisready: Will this be the week we see the “change-up package” AKA “the Leprecat?”

3) If you could have 1 play back this season, what play would you want a do-over? How would that have changed a game’s outcome? Are you sure your do-over would work in ND’s favor?

4) In 140 characters or less “tweet” a summary of the season so far. Bonus points for hashtags or mentions.

5) Lou Holtz asked 3 basic questions of every player and coach, “Can I trust you? Are you committed? Do you care about me?” In your opinion, which player would every other player give a resounding “Yes” to each of these questions and why?

6) Jumbotron. Good idea or terrible idea. What would you do to make it a great idea?

7) Every week we try to fire up the masses with a “Fire It Up” video. Sometimes these videos are inspirational ballads of kick-ass Notre Dame football. Sometimes they are of a Japanese game show with dudes getting hit in the junk. Submit a video to Fire Up the Irish faithful for the Purdue game.

2 Responses to “IBG: Purdue Is A Big Game… No Really.”

  1. Jesse (@tricerapops) Says:

    1 – I’m liking what I’m seeing out of Brindza so far.

    2 – I like all the twitter submitted questions – but @chadros’s is especially intriguing. I like our play mix right now. Kelly has remained on message about establishing the run, and we’re showing it at least in the last two games. It hasn’t loosened up the opposing defense to the extent that I’ve hoped – but we’re productive with it somewhat, and the alternative (i.e., we had no running game to lean on) is too scary to consider.

    3 – The Denard Robinson pass to a wide open UM receiver that set-up the final TD pass. If we stop that, no way UM wins that game or even is in position to throw to the end zone. This I am 99.999999999% sure of.

    4 – #SoMuchHeartburnAndBrokenTelevisionRemotes

    5 – Manti Teo (runner up would be Floyd if it wasn’t for the drinky drinky), off the beaten path choice? Toma.

    6 – Great idea. Two words: Kissing Cam. Another idea – an Usher dancing contest set to music by….Usher.

    7 – Don’t want to risk this being flagged for spam, so won’t plug a link in the comment. I think RATM’s “Ghost of Tom Joad” would be a good song/video to pump it up.

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