Music in ND Stadium

In what has to be the biggest Notre Dame stadium change since the expansion, music blared from the PA system during last week’s game.

We were excited to see the change in what has become a stale home game experience. While the execution and the music itself needs some work, we’ll give the ND Gameday crew an A for effort.

Hopefully, this isn’t a once-a-year occurrence. A few thoughts:

1) We liked the music and felt like it added to the electrifying environment. The older fans around us definitely looked a little dazed and confused when The Dropkick Murphy’s started the game off. If you didn’t like the music, you are probably old. And you probably don’t like change. That’s fine. But if you thought the music was a big change, prepare yourself for the Jumbotron. It’s coming. And you can’t stop it.

2) The DJ needs to mix it up a bit. I think this goes without saying. All Aboard…I…I…I…

3) ND needs to find songs that actually fit the Irish Brand. The Dropkick Murphy’s fits perfectly. Ozzy Ozbourne does not.

4) We don’t need to copy Michigan(White Stripes) and Virginia Tech(Enter Sandman) Let’s get original.

5) The band played plenty during the game but they never competed with the music. Problem is that after hearing the music, you would have to strain to hear the band. We say mic the band up. Get them louder.

It’s easy to criticize and not offer any suggestions. So here’s ours:

A) Always start with “Shipping Out To Boston” And play it on all ND kickoffs. Except when Boston College comes to play. When they are visiting ND should play this.

B) Avoid “Enter Sandman” and “Seven Nation Army”

C) Our suggestions:
Rush- “Tom Sawyer”
Fort Minor- “Remember the Name”
Anything with bagpipes including Eminem’s “Bagpipes From Baghdad”
Disturbed- “Stricken”
U2- “Vertigo”
And of course a Tony Roberts Compilation

What do you think?

4 Responses to “Music in ND Stadium”

  1. Josh Says:

    Beastie Boys – Sabotage

  2. JVH Says:

    Excellent suggestion Josh.

  3. Chadros Says:

    Always thought the opening of Welcome to the Jungle by GnR is a great stadium piece – especially on a big third down.

  4. Dave T. Says:

    Flogging Molly – Swagger ; and I’ll go ahead and throw out Final Countdown just to get it over with and be rejected. Somebody has to bite the bullet.