IRT Interview: Don Criqui

On May 15, 2006 Westwood One announced the appointment of Hall of Fame broadcaster Don Criqui as the play-by-play voice of Notre Dame football. The Irish Round Table caught up with Mr. Criqui today as he prepares to call the ND/GT game this Saturday in Atlanta.

Hear the New Voice of Fighting Irish Football(14:53)

Don Criqui is coming back to Notre Dame

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  2. Andy Nickle Says:

    You should review and report on the Rockne exhibit now on display at the Center for History in SB. It is the most extensive exhibit ever offered on Rockne and the 1920’s of ND football. ND and other collectors have loaned many personal artifacts never before seen in public. Tony Roberts narrates an audio tour of the 3,500 square foot exhibit. Info available at:

  3. Chadros Says:

    Well done, JVH. This is good stuff.

    I’m fired up to get this guy back in the booth for our games. I think the timing is perfect as the program pulls its Phoenix from the Ashes routine – bring back the class act in the booth to match the improvement on the field.

  4. Ski Says:


    Great work on getting the interview with Don. I think he’ll do a great job and look forward to his calling the games.

  5. ShakeDownTheThunder Says:

    Very impressive JVH and cool of Criqui to take the time.

  6. PVH Says:

    Was that QVH putting in his two cents as you signed off with the call of Criqui?

  7. JVH Says:

    Yes, he made a cameo. He woke up at the end of the interview. I’m just lucky he didn’t wake up sooner.

  8. PVH Says:

    OK…You get this great interview with a guy like Criqui…and Criqui is telling his friends and family about the Round Table and the interview he gave…his friends and family go to the IRT and see 1.) a rap about a Leprechaun in a tree, 2.) Lee Corso in all sorts of “garb” AND 3.) Chadros talking about what he likes to do with his cat…

    I think Dad was right on the credibility thing……

  9. Admin Says:

    Yeah, PVH. Then we link to video of guys playing shower football in the comment section:

    Shower Football

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