Dear West Virginia,

Look, West Virginia, you are in a shitty conference. It is horrible. You can make up for this by scheduling tough OOC opponents. Instead you schedule patsies. Most teams have 4 OOC games to schedule per year. You have 5. That gives you 5 chances to schedule a decent top-40 opponent. Yet you still schedule cupcakes. And 2007 is more of the same(Ball St, Marshall, Miss St, Maryland, E. Carolina.) I will not reward you for this. I will not give you respect until you deserve it. You have to compete against the best to gain respect. You do not have my respect.

Your players are not to blame. They are doing their job. But the players of other respectable teams(Auburn, Florida, Tennessee, Notre Dame) have actually beaten programs in the upper half of Div-I. They don’t deserve to be snubbed at your expense.

Any team in the top 20 would be 7-0 with your crappy schedule. Any one of them. Pollsters rank you 3rd in the country. You’d be lucky to get higher than 12 with me.

You should be ashamed of yourself, West Virginia. All of your stats are a farce. Your record, a sham. Slaton as a Heisman candidate!? Darius Walker would be a Heisman candidate against that schedule.

Oh wait, your going to play a tough game this year? Who is that against? Oh, Louisville. Give me a break. Their schedule is just as bad. At least they played Miami who is supposed to be good. You don’t have anyone on your schedule that had any chance of being good. And I’m supposed to rank you in the top ten. Fuck you.

I wish you, West Virginia, would go away. You don’t deserve my time or my attention.



2 Responses to “Dear West Virginia,”

  1. Apache Says:

    What about Louisville? They have pretty much the same record. I give them cred for scheduleing Miami, but the ‘Canes suck this year. They have also have shown some spunk by working through several critical injuries, but they still haven’t played anyone. IMO neither should be near the top 10 until they beat more than one team with a winning record.

  2. Jooordan Says:

    I don’t think we need to worry about either Louis-ville or WVU. Both will lose before the season is out, and in the case of WVU I think they’ll lose 2x. We need to root for Louisville, Rutgers, and Pitt in that order. Also WVU plays Cinn, where I’m predicting an upset.
    The teams we need to be worried about are Texas and ourselves. Tenn will lose again, as will Auburn and Florida. Texas won’t though.