Ashley Russell Fan Club

These days the only thing looking good recruiting-wise for the Irish is Rival’s Ashley Russell. She has found herself a big fan club over at Irish Illustrated’s Four Horsemen’s Lounge. We can see why:

“The guys at the IRT are the sexiest bloggers around”
ashley russell ND.jpg
Ashley Russell Fan Club: Sign Us Up

If you have a Rivals account be sure to check out the video of Ian Williams entitled “Irish Hit Florida Again.” We think Ian is in the video.

37 Responses to “Ashley Russell Fan Club”

  1. chris Says:

    who is she?

  2. JVH Says:

    She works for Rivals. Shows up in a lot of their merchandise ads. Then she started appearing in some recruiting update videos. Now she visits the message boards to get the guys all riled up.

  3. Matt Says:

    They should take the security tag off of the pullover.

  4. Wertzy Says:

    That is her GPS tracking device so I can find her where ever she is.

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  6. JT Says:

    damn…she is hot!!!

  7. Jumbo Says:

    She can’t take her eyes off my crotch. Rowwrrr!

  8. Connie Milner Says:

    I know Ashley’s Grandpa, Bob. He sent me a cd of Kentz’s soundtrack and boasts about Ashley everytime I call him at his flower shop. Ashley is a gorgeous girl coming from a very friendly and talented family. She must be proud, as her grandpa is very proud of her.

    Connie Milner

  9. Sluggo Says:

    Ashley is the MOST BEAUTIFUL, MOST GORGEOUS, SEXXXXIEST WOMAN having anything to do with college football!!

  10. bigdaddy Says:

    I don’t know, erin andrews is very
    pretty too.

  11. Ashley Says:

    hi my friend and i were bored so we googled my name which is Ashley Russell
    and i find tht i have a fan club!!!!
    now i know im gorgous and what not but please i fan club for me !!!!!!!!!
    awwwww you shouldnt have …..

    no really you shouldnt… frinds name is charlee wilshire if your bored look up her name =]


  12. James Says:


    I compliment you on your natural beauty and articulate sportscasting. It’s a pleasure to watch you on tv.


  13. Zack Says:

    Ashley…ur very HOT and AWESOME!!!! Lov u..bye

  14. marinetech43 Says:

    You explain the BCS like no other. Love watching and listening to you. Best of luck to you and your future.

  15. Emma Says:

    OMG! hi ashley. charlee told me to go on this site, because u were famous. lol GOOD LUCK! lol jks

  16. RAY A WRIGHT JR Says:




  17. NATE Says:

    So, How come Yahoo hates SEC games. Ashley when are you going to sport some Gator gear.

  18. Keith Carter Says:

    Hi Ashley become a Cardinals and Wildcats fan! Ashley I love to meet and see you in person! Ashley please come to Louisville, Kentucky to live with me! Ashley keep up the good work!

  19. SP Says:

    WHOA! This chick is HOT. Anytime a hot chick digs sports, it makes her that much more beautiful!!

  20. eric Says:

    HOT DAMN if I do say so myself!! This woman is THE crown jewel of Hotness!! Is she single? Can I take you out for dinner or a night on the town perhaps? Whatever I can do to get a date with you!! Please!!

  21. blakguy Says:

    she dated my buddy Troy last year and he’s…*gasp* “black”….OMG!!!
    she has those fake collagen lips too… (must really think she’s black…lol)

  22. lars Says:

    Ashley is damned good to look at during a hard day at work

  23. victor Says:


    wanna friend of me.

  24. rsale Says:


    You are the smartest, and most articulate college football sports analyist around. Of course your very beautiful. Keep up the good work, go IRISH!!!

  25. goldy Says:

    loving,cute babe

  26. clat Says:

    Beautiful, talented, and a sports fan. Every guy’s dream. NICE

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  28. Eric Says:

    Wow Ashley you are the reason I get on yahoo sports and check out college football! You redefine what a beautiful woman is. Your eyes stare straight into my soul……….I would love to meet you in person, I would be the happiest person in the universe.

  29. coffee Says:

    Ashley Russell is the best thing that’s ever happened to sports reporting

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  31. lickurcameltoe03 Says:

    As long as I have a face she’ll always have a place to sit.

  32. pablo Says:

    Man, look at her older pictures compared to her now…
    she used to be way better looking, but NOW, with all the eye makeup and BOTOX in her lips, she looks like an alien. SCARRY!
    oh yeah, that’s not a security tag, it’s a clothespin, they use them to make the garments fit better in a photo shoot, she obviously forgot… as did the photographer.. as did the retoucher…. as did the editor…. wow.

  33. brett Says:

    That’s what I’m talking about, a sexy lady that likes notre dame

  34. CooterBrown Says:

    ashley, if i were to be trapped on a desserte island forever and i could have a companion, i would want it to be you. to look at the most beautiful woman for the rest of my life would be an honor, plus i would be the luckiest damn guy in the world. thanks for being gorgeous.


  35. Troighthach Says:

    Ashley called me last night,but i had other arrangements

  36. Yahoouj Says:

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  37. rasa Says:

    hi ashely your eyes seem fox eyes and love them
    you are very butyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy