Troy Smith is a Good Tipper

Troy Smith overcame more adversity as he made a return trip to a famed NYC strip club on Monday:

Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith celebrated his Heisman Trophy by dancing in the middle of the 40/40 Club following Saturday’s awards ceremony; he then paid a repeat visit to Scores East Side on Monday night. The dancers hailed Smith as a generous tipper. “He will be a great pro,” Scores Girl Kendall said. “He’s got it. He’s a natural leader. I can tell.” …

Oh, he’s a generous tipper? Surprising that an Ohio State player known for taking money from boosters is flush with cash.

Way to represent and send a great message to future Heisman Trophy winners, Troy.

I can’t imagine the backlash this would cause if Brady Quinn visited a strip club last weekend. It’d be all over ESPN and the rest of the sports media buffoonery.

Troy Smith Called Buckstar on Monday Night

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4 Responses to “Troy Smith is a Good Tipper”

  1. GeronimoRumplestiltskin Says:

    With whole “Troy Smith has overcome adversity” thing….

    As I understand it, the “adversity” he overcame is suffering a) the consequences of his committing a felony and b) the consequences of getting caught taking money from a booster. Is it really “overcoming adversity” if you’re merely suffering the consequences of your own actions?

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  3. dan Says:

    Jealousy is a nasty thing you dumb domerheads

  4. dan Says:

    Troy kicked you butts last year
    Chad kicked your butts this year
    Even SC kicked your sorry butts this year too
    LSU will DO it AGAIN too!

    efense- there’s no “D”